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a TV series by Markus Augé

Many consider Reinhold Messner a German, some an Austrian or an Italian. Messner is not all this – he is a South Tyrolean. And thus son and citizen of a country between countries and like his country in the heart of Europe itself, he is European through and through. In five episodes REINHOLD MESSNER – HEIMAT. MOUNTAINS. ADVENTURE. portrays the country of South Tyrol through the eyes of Reinhold Messner, who is 75 years old this year and looks back on a life as spectacular as the mountains that have shaped it. Messner takes us on a journey of discovery. In breathtaking pictures, the panorama of an unparalleled life in and with the mountains unfolds.

Category: Cinematography
Cinematography: Martin Rattini
Production: Florianfilm GmbH
Director: Marc Augé
Genre: TV Documentary
Info: DE │2019│5*26`