a film by Miha Knific

Are unspoken memories what shapes us into who we really are?

Perseverance is a mosaic narrative on events that have left a lasting mark on the lives of the protagonists. Each story is a reflection of thoughts, goals, fears and desires of its protagonist, seeking to articulate them through internal monologues, laconic self-questioning, through memories and confessions.

A collage of various intimate stories aims to speak of the phenomenon of man. This is why characters in the film don’t share the same space or time, do not know each other and never will.

Category: Fiction │Co-Production
Info: SI, HR, IT, RS│2017 │108'
Production: Nukleus film │ This&That Production │Helios Sustainable Films
Producer: Sinisa Juricic │Miha Knific
Co-Producer: Uros Lukovac, Patrick Kofler, Snezana Penev