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a film by Felix Randau

Returning from a hunting trip, Kelab finds his settlement raided and his entire tribe, including his wife (Susanne Wüst) and son, murdered – even the community’s sanctuary has been plundered. Driven by pain and anger, Kelab has only one goal: revenge!

Kelab follows the perpetrators’ tracks. On his odyssey through the mountains, he’s exposed to the dangers of nature. Finally, Kelab faces not only his family’s murderers but also himself. Will he succumb to his urge for revenge and become a perpetrator himself? Or can he succeed in breaking the eternal circle of violence?

ICEMAN – a primeval, dramatic adventure.

Category: Photography
Genre: Fiction
Still Photography: Martin Rattini
Info: DE, IT, AT│ 2017 │96`
Production: Porte au prince film│Echo Film│Lucky Bird Pictures│Amour Fou Filmproduktion