For the past five years, Sarah Braun has been slowly dying of MND. A prisoner in her own body, all the young woman has now is her imagination, which she uses to look back on her life with humour.

She jumps between memories of childhood, disease diagnosis, losing the love of her life, and the pure bliss of being in the mountains. Sarah has no interest in hospital dramas, pity or awkward silences. She’s looking for adventure, and so a 3-day hike in the Dolomites mirrors the arc of her life story. Speaking OFF, she shares often highly entertaining thoughts, and uses humour and imagination to tweak the storyline. The longer the hike goes on, the more intensely we wish that her life could have taken a different course. The film shows Sarah’s fight for every second of life. A fight she wins – even though, by then, Ms Braun has died.


Adam and Helena spend their traditional summer holidays together with friends in southern Italy by the sea. When their son Finn collapses on his way home from the beach it is a shock for everyone involved. Although the boy is well again the next day the incident lingers and triggers an existential crisis for the parents. Old role patterns come to light and Helena and Adam are forced to make a decision: Do they deepen their bond by being radically honest with each other or is their marriage at an end?