Becoming me is the intimate portrait of the changing relationship between the director and her first love. We follow Marian, born female, through all the doubts and fears of the dawning realization that Marian feels male. With the decision to become what he truly is, he might lose everything he has: his job, his family, his friends, his life.
Marian’s story is the story of the struggle to live in a body that is not owned, in a role that is not accepted, trapped in a traditional society where being different means not to belong.


When Hasan, a survivor of the genocide, recounts how his brother was killed in front of him, there is always a visitor who suffers more from the heat, than from the stories told. Adis instead, may seem somewhat cynical, transforming real battlefields to playgrounds for war gamers.
But most of the time, in Souvenirs of War, we feel that creating a life after the destruction of a war, is not easy for anyone. Adnan, who brings together veterans of all sides, struggles between breaking the dichotomy of victims/perpetrators and overcoming.
Set in the booming tourist destination Bosnia, 25 years after a war that violently split a multi-ethnic society and left 100.000 dead and 2 million displaced, the field of tension between the moral duty to remember and the convenience of oblivion, characterizes a society whose traumas won’t heal by time alone. Tourists can learn lessons of grief and forgiveness and with their presence, may disrupt some of the obstacles to the catharsis urgently needed.