Becoming me is the intimate portrait of the changing relationship between the director and her first love. We follow Marian, born female, through all the doubts and fears of the dawning realization that Marian feels male. With the decision to become what he truly is, he might lose everything he has: his job, his family, his friends, his life.
Marian’s story is the story of the struggle to live in a body that is not owned, in a role that is not accepted, trapped in a traditional society where being different means not to belong.


When is a war over? Even a generation after, people still struggle with their traumatised souls and scarred bodies. Yet, there is not one right way to handle the grim legacy. Souvenirs of War explores how contact with visitors from abroad is one option for two Bosnian men in their search for healing. But there is also who takes the war’s remnants as a ready-made opportunity for a blossoming future.