The dream of studying arts within reach, following the bomb attacks in 1961 in South Tyrol, introverted Paul suddenly faces the duty of supporting the young family of his older brother Anton, a fugitive terrorist.
Anna, Anton’s wife, initially supports her husband but becomes increasingly disillusioned in the face of the erupting chaos. Meanwhile, Paul is blackmailed by the Italian police to sell out his brother.
Anton becomes further radicalised, and Paul and Anna increasingly distance themselves from him as they speak out together against the violence. Paul has to decide between his affection for Anna, his loyalty to his brother and his dream of the arts.
When Anton commits a deadly attack, Paul stands up to him and saves the life of an Italian policeman. But the spiral of violence keeps on turning. In the aftermath, Anna leaves the farm and moves with the kids to the city, where she starts a new life. Paul stays on the farm, determined to speak out against violence in the future.


Something is happening in Cuba. There’s a movement fuelled by artists and intellectuals who no longer want to play by the rules. Meanwhile, Samuel, an exiled Cuban living in Italy, is no longer satisfied with his online activism and is looking for ways to finally contribute to the salvation of the troubled island.
Filmmaker Matthias Lintner decides to accompany Samuel on the adventurous road there. In the process, his own communist aspirations are put to the test. The more Matthias gets to know his protagonist, the more it seems that the (new) Cuban revolution is happening right from his living room in the Italian Alps. Together they embark on a journey with an uncertain outcome, falling in love along the way.