HELIOS was founded by Patrick Kofler, Martin Rattini, Mauro Podini and Günther Innerebner in 2001 as a creative collective combining graphic design, photography and filmmaking. While our company for many years produced documentaries and commercials for the local market we also developed a profound expertise in sustainable marketing with a strong focus on green mobility. Long term mobility campaigns for cities like Munich or the German region of Baden-Württemberg became an important part of the company’s portfolio.

With the establishing of the local Film Fund IDM in 2010 we became a reliable regional partner working on several service productions for international fiction and documentary features which eventually lead to the founding of our exclusive film branch HELIOS SUSTAINABLE FILMS in 2012.
Since then, international co-productions with partners in Germany, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia followed. CEO Martin Rattini won the German Film Award as best producer for a children’s movie in 2018 and is member of the German and the European Film Academy. Besides producing he still very much enjoys working as DOP and photographer doing still photography for fiction features and cinematography for creative cinema documentaries or TV docs.

HELIOS is also a proud founding member of FAS, the Film Association of South Tyrol.


Since 2012 we have been providing a variety of production services ranging from location scouting to postproduction management. We successfully worked on documentary and feature film productions such as “Die Fugger” and “Messner – Heimat. Berge. Abenteuer” produced by the German Florianfilm, “Das kulinarische Erbe der Alpen” together with the Bavarian production company megaherz. We worked on an episode of ORF’s Universum series produced by the Austrian Kurt Mayer Film, on “Hermanas de Rocinante” and “Die Pferderetterin” produced by Evolution Film and on Italian feature film “Caffè” by Orisa Produzioni.

We have an editing suite which is not only a dark little booth and with the visual communications team right under the same roof we are also able to provide all sorts of graphic design solutions for film and promotional material in house.

So all in all, we pretty well know our ways around our region, have a long list of trusted partners and crew members that we work with and are happy to bring them on board of your project.


Over the years we did accumulate a nice equipment park. Ready for shooting documentaries or short films.  Our list includes a fully equipped 4K SONY F5 PL-mount camera with ZEISS leightweight 21-100 Zoom and a CANON c300 MK1 with EOS Mount 16-35 and 24-105 zooms, plus some nice NIKKOR and LOMO Primes.
We also have a SONY Alpha 7R3, a SACHTLER ENG 2 with fluidhead Video 20 (100mm) and a MILLER DS20 75mm tripod. A BLACKMAGIC 4K Video Assist monitor and a complete sound equipment including a multi track field recorder ZOOM F8 with SENNHEISER 418S MS microphone. All with a RYCOTE boom and some radiomics.

A complete list of all of our equipment is available on demand.